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Not Gospel, Just Dualism

I said in the first article of this blog that one of my intentions is to “identify Christendom’s enemies, both in the church and out of the church.” Indeed, it has become part of my mission work in the last several years in the US to point to those in the church who have proclaimed […]

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“I’m Not a Social Reformer, I’m Here to Preach the Gospel”

Suppose you are a member of the Mission Committee of your church, and there are a number of missionaries that you support around the world. There is a missionary who you specifically are very fond of, a bright, committed and active guy in the jungles of the Amazon, working among the indigenous tribes there. He […]

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Creedal Culture

Constantinople wasn’t just another Rome in the 4th century AD. Not even close. Yes, from the vantage point of the imperial historians and bureaucrats, it may have been a “second Rome.” After all, all that bureaucrats want is a place for an office. If the office is in another city, then that city is “Rome.” […]

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