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I am a 2nd generation Reformed Christian, a Husband, Father, and a United States Marine. I was born and raised in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Texas. Together with my wife and two sons, I attend Church at Heritage Covenant Church in Weatherford Texas. My hobbies include reading, writing, bodyweight fitness, community organizing, computer and electronics tinkering, radio communications, building rifles, becoming more proficient in my ability to employ rifle and handgun weapon systems, learning and teaching marksmanship and combat marksmanship, martial arts, sharpening iron with Christians, and discussing worldviews with humanists (when they allow). I work as a fiber characterization engineer for the networking division of a large internationally based tech company.
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Christianity and Government: Jesus is King

Christians tend to be very opinionated about the laws their government creates (as we should be). Modern Christians have placed themselves into the unfortunate position of not being subject to God, and this has created a problem for them. While there are many laws that they can point to and say, “that’s a bad law, […]

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