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Individual Purpose and the Kingdom of God

The issue of the individual purpose of man first became important to my thinking and my theological interests many years ago when I read R.J. Rushdoony’s Revolt Against Maturity, especially his chapter on “What Is Man?” At the end of that chapter, Rushdoony says the following about the definition of man: God’s definition of man […]

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Leithart’s Baptized Tower of Babel

In my opinion, church trials against the Federal Vision won’t have any success. The reason is, they never address the real problem in the theology of the Federal Vision movement. The focus of the prosecution is always on the wording of the confessions, and how Federal Vision authors use or misuse that wording. The reality […]

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Missions in the Big Cities (2)

(Continued from here.) The Nuclear Family The Biblical model for the family is the nuclear family: a man, his wife, and their dependent children. No matter what situation the family is in, the Bible does not prescribe any additional covenantal authority over the husband; there is no concept of extended family, or a clan, as […]

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Christian Culture vs. Clan Culture

If the church fail in its duty, the temporal lords may rightly and lawfully deprive it of its temporal possessions; the judgment of such failure lying not with the theologian but with the civil politician. Imagine a nation where such is the fundamental presupposition for all church-state relations: The civil government officials keep the churches […]

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Relationship vs. Purpose: How the Church Destroys the Christian Family

Years ago, an American Reformed missionary in Europe complained to me that in the church he had planted, there was only one family. “Well,” I said, “why don’t you encourage the single ones to marry.” “It wouldn’t work,” he replied grimly, “they are mostly women. They don’t need my encouragement. But there are no men […]

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