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Modern Presbyterianism and the Destruction of the Principle of Plurality of Elders

It wasn’t until very recently that some Presbyterians in the US started re-discovering their rich history of involvement in the formation and the founding of America, as we know her today—or as is the common perception of what she was supposed to be, originally. That rich history of Presbyterian initiative, involvement, and leadership in the […]

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Putting the Claim that “Theonomy Is Like Shariah” to Presuppositional Rest (2)

(Continues from here.) From the Nature of Revelation to the Nature of Law This so far was a long introduction to the issue of comparing the two legal systems, but it is unavoidable if our analysis is to be a thorough presuppositional analysis. Unless we know the nature of the god of the system, and […]

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Putting the Claim that “Theonomy Is Like Shariah” to Presuppositional Rest (1)

Theological opposition to Theonomy keeps evolving. Those of us who have been in the debate for the last two decades, can clearly see it. Those older than us, the veterans, who have been in it for over four decades, see it even more clearly. First, it was the dispensationalist argument that we are in the […]

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Brown, Garner, and the Application of Biblical Law to Homicide and Murder

Both in 386 and in 390, Bishop Ambrose knew what he was against: a centuries-old political machine which had neither internal mechanisms nor external restraint to moderate its cruelty against its own private citizens. The Empire, even under Christian emperors, knew nothing of checks and balances, habeas corpus, division of powers between executive, judiciary, and […]

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The Rhetoric at the Foundation of Capitalism, and the Ethics at the Foundation of That Rhetoric

(This is a lecture I delivered on October 20, 2012, to the Fourth Annual Adam Smith Forum in Moscow Russia, organized by the Libertarian Party of Russia. The lecture was part of a panel discussion on the “Moral Sentiments of Capitalism,” with Deirdre McCloskey of Chicago University and Tom Palmer of Cato Institute.) It is […]

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The Shadow of Christ in the Legal Revolutions in Greece and Rome (Part I)

. . . an entire nation appeared, sprung from the Hebrews and practicing the true religion. To them, through the prophet Moses, he revealed images and symbols of a mystical Sabbath and of circumcision, as well as instruction in other spiritual principles, but no complete revelation of the mysteries, for they were still bound by […]

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